Sunderland Neighborhood, Portland, OR

Sunderland neighborhood in Portland is located right next to Portland International Airport bordering Highway 30B to the south. It is also home to Dignity Village, a city-recognized encampment of homeless people.  The neighborhood also has two golf courses: Riverside Golf & Country Club and Broadmore Golf Courses.  There is a small population of people in this area as the chart indicates and a big portion of that includes the homeless population at Dignity Village.

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Neighborhood Data for Sunderland, Portland, OR

Walkability Score  16 Minutes by Car to Downtown Portland  15 min
Population 124 Population Density (per sq. mi.)  4,069
Median Age 39 Home Ownership % 55%
Parks (% of Neighborhood)  0% % of Homes within 1/2 Mile of Parks  14%
Average Commute Time  24 min % Commuters by Public Transit 15%
% of Commuters by Bike 10% % of Commuters by Walking 20%
Number of Transit Lines 0 Number of Bus Lines 3

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