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Selling House in Portland Listing a home for sale requires a great deal of preparation and execution.  In order for a home to sell, it needs maximum market exposure in the most desirable way possible to a potential buyer.  Additionally, pricing your home using a competitive market analysis by a realtor who understands the market is imperative.  Real estate agents and buyers knows what a 300K home looks like, what a 400K home looks like and so on so understanding the real value of your home versus your desired selling price is important. I work with home sellers to come up with the perfect selling price and to prepare the home to show well to potential buyers. The goal is to sell at the most money possible the quickest.

Why hire a listing agent

You were once a home buyer and may have visited a home listed for sale by the owner.  The chances are those homes were either over-priced or filled with clutter.  Even if the house shows well and is priced right, a buyer can’t wonder whether the transaction will be done in a safe manner to protect his or her interest. What if there is a disagreement in negotiation during the transaction? You are without a professional realtor representing you in an adversarial situation. For that reason, most buyers do not like homes that are being sold by the owner. That is why most buyers (about 90% of them) work with a real estate buyer’s agent to buy their home.

Agent commission is an inevitable part of the equation when selling your home but hiring a great listing agent can still save you money and legal troubles. I am a realtor but also a licensed attorney who can help you not only market and sell your home, but to transact in the safest manner possible.

Hire a good listing agent

You need a real estate listing agent who can commit full-time to selling your home for a reasonable listing commission.  2.5% buyer’s agent commission is almost a must if you are wanting to sell your home through the MLS.  The rest of the commission goes to the listing agent.  With us, you will never pay 6% total commission.  You will pay only 2.5% on the listing side, same as the buyer’s side, which is fair.  You will get a serious amount of services on the listing side including free professional photography, marketing, errands, coordinating with vendors, safe transaction, negotiation, and so much more. 

With our aggressive marketing plan listed below, we will help prepare your home in the best light possible for the market and sell it as quickly as possible for the most money the home is valued for.

Selling and Buying

About 25% of home buyers are also sellers.  Selling and buying at the same time can be a demanding job.  In most cases, you will have to sell first and then buy while things are in escrow.  It’s a very delicate situation and I can coordinate for everything to happen smoothly and quickly on your behalf such as requesting a rent back while you are transacting for a home to buy.  This can be a smooth process if the seller is downsizing and paying the second home with cash from the proceeds of the first home’s sale.

Listing Agent Services & Marketing Plan
Why Hire Peter Park?
– Maximum online marketing penetration on MLS and all the popular online home search sites such as Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin,, and thousands of IDX websites that display Portland metro listings

– Expert advise on preparing your home for sale.

– Price your home right with our Comparative Market Analysis (Get the most $ while selling it quickly)

– Beautiful professional photos & video walk-through of your home paid for by us

– Prints & Brochures and a professional For Sale signage

– Open houses (Cookies included) and update schedules on MLS & Zillow

– Reverse prospecting: Marketing your home to a large number of buyer’s agents in the Portland metro

– Featured properties throughout (over 6,000 mostly local monthly visitors) and on the neighborhood home search page

– Craigslist marketing

– Social media marketing

– Full and accurate MLS listing information including measurements, features with a dreamy property description

– RMLS Lockbox for easy buyer showing appointments

– Buyer showing feedback & follow-ups

– Reasonable listing commission

– Hardworking, diligent and honest

– As a former practicing attorney, I can really safeguard your real estate transaction

– Quick and prompt communication

– As an agent who represents both sellers and buyers, I can advise you on what offers to avoid

– Defending the value of your home during all negotiations

– Communication, coordination, and execution

Peter Park, J.D., Real Estate Agent

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Peter Park, J.D., Real Estate Agent
650 NE Holladay St Portland, OR 97232
Phone / Text: (503) 686-0138

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