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Portland Residential Infill Project

How will Portland’s Residential Infill Project affect existing home values?

City of Portland proposed a big change called “Residential Infill Project” to the current zoning laws by allowing more housing units to fit into the existing land including ADUs and triplexes.  The proposed change also limits building sizes substantially.  The new law also increases the front setback from 10 feet...

SE 82nd with 205 Sign

Buying a house in hot East Portland housing market east of 82nd and 205

Portland housing market has grown tremendously in the last few years.  After a surging demand and lack of supplies in our local housing market, our median price for detached single family homes is at $440,000.  However, the median annual household income in the Portland metro area is around $75,000.  With...

Beaverton Central Station

Hot Portland Housing Market Trickles Down to More Affordable Areas

Portland’s notoriously hot real estate market is finally slowing down in top tier markets.  The level of price appreciation and the competition over the last few years seems to have reached a point of cooling down to buyer’s markets in some inner city neighborhoods and surrounding metro markets including Happy...

Lents Town Center Project

Lents Town Center will transform with new development projects by 2018

Lents neighborhood is finally coming together with four grand construction projects to be completed by by 2018.  Three of the projects are already under construction and the prospect of this neighborhood is bringing much excitement and anticipation from residents.  Lents Town Center Renewal Area was formed in 1998 and Portland...


Most Dangerous & Safest Portland Neighborhoods by Burglary Numbers

Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Portland Oregon for Burglary Neighborhoods Burglary Incident # in 2016 Population Likelihood %  Sunderland  8 364 2.20  Eliot  72 3,297 2.18  Centennial  152 8,404 1.81  Foster-Powell  94 7,554 1.24  Loyd District  27 2,417 1.12  East Columbia  24 2,151 1.12  Sullivan’s Gulch  32 2,902 1.10...

Portland Home Values Map

Map of Home Values & Expensive Pockets in the Portland Metro

Portland Oregon neighborhoods and surrounding Portland metro area have a wide range of home prices and values.  Some areas are expensive, some are more affordable.  So which Portland neighborhoods and surrounding cities are the most expensive or more affordable?  Answers are not so clear-cut as they don’t apply to all...

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