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Portland Housing Market - October 2018

Portland Home Value Decreased from 12 Months Ago – October 2018 Real Estate Market Report

October 2018 Portland housing market report is out.  Most people know by now that the market is softening in Portland but what does this mean?  For the first time since the upward trend in the Portland real estate market stated since the last recession, we had an actual decrease in...

Portland Housing Market Report - August 2018

Slower housing market but prices staying high – August 2018 Portland real estate market report

Portland real estate market statistics for August 2018 are out on RMLS.  Overall, not bad.  The housing market didn’t dip any further.  In the detached single family home market, the median sold stayed exactly the same at $450,000 but it more days on the market to sell.  The condo market...

Portland Housing Market Report - June 2018

Portland Real Estate Market Report for June 2018 – 7.8% Increase

Portland real estate sales statistics are out from RMLS.  The housing market report for June 2018 totally contradicted the report from May 2018.  The seemingly slowing real estate market from May fought back shooting up the median sold value all the way to $449,950.  The median sold value for detached...

Portland Residential Infill Project

How will Portland’s Residential Infill Project affect existing home values?

City of Portland proposed a big change called “Residential Infill Project” to the current zoning laws by allowing more housing units to fit into the existing land including ADUs and triplexes.  The proposed change also limits building sizes substantially.  The new law also increases the front setback from 10 feet...

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