Map of Home Values & Expensive Pockets in the Portland Metro

Portland Home Values Map

Portland Oregon neighborhoods and surrounding Portland metro area have a wide range of home prices and values. Some areas are expensive, some are more affordable. So which Portland neighborhoods and surrounding cities are the most expensive or more affordable? Answers are not so clear-cut as they don’t apply to all areas within boundaries of neighborhoods and cities. Neighborhood data on our Portland Neighborhoods Guide based on median home values calculated within boundaries of neighborhoods can be rigid without providing the most valuable insight in our understanding of which areas are expensive and not. Maps below on the other hand show clusters of expensive areas and non-expensive areas by different Portland neighborhoods and Portland metro suburbs. You can clearly see from below what areas probably fit your budget. These maps will also satisfy one’s curiosity about the Portland housing market and areas in general. It surely beats looking at numbers and data, which just don’t give you the big pictures.

Southeast Portland

se-pdx-home-valuesSoutheast Portland has a few very expensive neighborhoods including Eastmoreland, Mount Tabor, and Laurelhurst. You also see pockets of expensive areas in Richmond, Sunnyside, Hosford-Abernathy, and Buckman as there have been lots of development activities in those areas in recent years. Eastmoreland neighborhood has traditionally been an expensive neighborhood with big houses featuring colonial revival architecture where it feels kind of like you are in the East Coast. Darker spots on the map usually mean that there are more higher end single family homes than condos and townhouses. Although some city center condos can be very expensive, out in Southeast Portland, expensive homes mean big fore square homes and charming colonial homes with an increasing number of mid-century modern houses that are newly popping up in the area.


Northeast / Northwest Portland

ne-nw-pdx-home-valuesNortheast Portland has two famous neighborhoods that are very expensive including Irvington and Alameda. The reason Alameda area and its neighboring Grant Park has expensive areas in a cluster of long wide stretch is because of Alameda Ridge. Alameda Ridge is a long stretch of hills 100 to 150 feet high formed during the last ice age and extends about six miles from Rocky Butte to about 15th Avenue and Skidmore Street. Today, Alameda Ridge is some of the most highly desired residential areas on top of the ridge due to its amazing view of the city. Additionally, Irvington is a historical district added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. You will see some of the old beautiful homes built in the early days in late 1800’s that still remained intact as well as lots of smaller bungalows and modern condos on quiet, tree-lined streets. Irvington is the largest historic district in Oregon where 85 percent of 2,800 properties are considered “contributing” and retain their original appearance.

Northwest Portland is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Portland. It is also tucked in between trees and trails of West Hills. The most expensive neighborhoods here include Hillside, Forest Heights (aka Northwest Heights), Arlington Heights, and some parts of Forest Park and Sylvan Highlands. Northwest Portland is overall expensive with excellent neighborhoods on hills and local roads such as Cornell and Burnside that shoot right over to Downtown Portland. Northwest Portland technically includes Pearl District, Nob Hill, and Downtown Portland as well. Those areas are pretty much all high-rise condos (except Nob Hill can be more residential with detached single family homes) that can reach the sky.


Southwest Portland / Raleigh Hills

sw-pdx-home-valuesSouthwest Portland is a highly livable place that is family-friendly, safe, and peaceful but also provides a short distance from Downtown Portland. Some of the most expensive neighborhoods here include Southwest Hills, Healy Heights, and Bridlemile. Especially in Healy Heights, you will see mostly big mansions over $1 million dollars. These neighborhoods are some of the safest areas in Portland with excellent public schools. Many micro-neighborhoods in those areas have homeowner’s association communities that keep things neat and tidy even for detached single family homes.


East Portland / Gresham / Troutdale

east-portland-gresham-home-valuesEast Portland is defined east of 82nd Ave in Portland. East Portland has the most affordable Portland neighborhoods. The map suggests that more expensive areas in East Portland are Pleasant Valley and south of Lents neighborhoods. The area surrounding Powell Butte Nature Park also has more expensive homes and the eastern border of that park is Powellhurst-Gilbert. Overall, closer you are to Happy Valley, more expensive homes get.


Beaverton / Tigard / Metzger / Hazeldale / Farmington

south-beaverton-home-valuesSouth Beaverton, Tigard Home ValuesBeaverton is generally more affordable with a lot more inventories than inner Portland neighborhoods although there are pockets of really expensive areas in the south of Beaverton including Sexton Mountain and Neighbors Southwest neighborhoods. Outside the city limit of Beaverton towards Hazeldale, homes get more expensive. You will see some big houses on newly developed areas and there are also homes on acres out in rural areas. Tigard is generally affordable similar to Beaverton.


Beaveron / Hillsboro / Bethany / Cedar Mill

beaverton-bethany-hillsboro-home-valuesNorth of Sunset Corridor lies many nice areas that are mostly incorporated CDPs including Cedar Mill, Bethany, Rock Creek, and Oak Hills. Most homes in those neighborhoods are expensive. South of Sunset, Tenasbourne and Five Oaks also include expensive homes. In Hillsboro, pockets of expensive areas include western part of Oregon Station and north of Hillsboro Airport along NW Evergreen Rd between NW Brookwood Pkwy and NE Sewell Ave.


Lake Oswego

lake-oswego-home-valuesLake Oswego is mostly all expensive. Some of the most expensive properties are lakefront properties. However, the cluster of wealth stretches well beyond the lake towards Riverwood to the north and Marylhurst and Stafford to the south into West Linn.


Milwaukie / Happy Valley

milwaukie-happy-valley-home-valuesMilwaukie is an up-and-coming city as Portland home prices skyrocket in recent years. Milwaukie offers a lot of inventories that are mostly affordable. With MAX Orange Line, Milwaukie allows an easy commute to Downtown Portland. The most expensive pocket in Milwaukie is around Waverly Country Club including Waverly Heights neighborhood.

Happy Valley is generally an expensive area with lots of big new development houses on subdivisions. Happy Valley is also very family-friendly. Home values here tend to scatter around but ones that are more expensive tend to be near parks south of SE Clatsop St.

Oregon City / West Linn

oregon-city-west-linn-home-valuesOregon City is generally an affordable blue collar city although in recent years, its affordability went down the drain with lack of housing supplies and the general improvement of the city. Outside the city limits of Oregon City, you will find lots of big rural properties that can be very expensive. Those properties are south of Oregon City limits towards Beavercreek and also east of the limits towards Estacada. You will find some riverfront mansions on acres in some of those areas.

West Linn is generally known to be an expensive area. More expensive pockets lie in Barrington Heights neighborhood and southwest corner of Rosemont Rd and Salamo Rd.


wilsonville-home-valuesWilsonville has gone through some major changes in the last 10 years. Once a bedroom community to Portland and Salem, now it’s an upscale city with lots of expensive houses. Wilsonville is also home to high-end luxury riverfront properties along Willamette River. In and outside the city limits of Wilsonville along the river, you will find some amazing riverfront properties on big acres with their own custom boat launching decks. City of Wilsonville is small but the address outside the city limits is quite big including lots of beautiful country houses on 5+ acres. West of I-5 is Wilsonville connecting to Sherwood and Newberg with lots of big rural properties that can be quite expensive.

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