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Interactive Portland Neighborhood Boundaries Map

Simply click the “Maximize” icon on the top right corner to view its larger map on your mobile device. It will then load it to your GPS enabled Google Map App and you will know exactly which Portland neighborhood you are currently in when in doubt. If you click or touch on a particular neighborhood, it will tell you which neighborhood that is. Have fun!

Portland Neighborhoods Guide

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Portland, Oregon is one of the big cities in the Pacific Northwest and the biggest city in Oregon. The city of Portland is home to about 620,000 people and the Portland metropolitan area has roughly 3 million people, making it the 17th most populous metropolitan area in the United States. Portland is known for its lack of sales tax, rainy reason, environmental consciousness, top breweries, food carts, good public transportation, safety, easy access to outdoor activities and a number of other things that make the city a desirable place to live.

The city of Portland is divided into five different regions with each region containing a number of neighborhoods. The regions include Northwest Portland, Southwest Portland, Southeast Portland, Northeast Portland, North Portland, and East Portland. Often, Northeast Portland can divide into Central Northeast Portland and NE Portland and relevant northern and southern parts of East Portland is considered a part of Northeast and Southeast Portland. The general dividing factor of the north and south quadrant is Burnside St. and Willamette river for east and west. Each region is different in terms of lifestyle, culture, demographics, home values, space, and commuting patterns. For example, Northwest Portland attracts a lot of families with children who appreciate space and privacy while Southeast Portland attracts people who want to be in the center of entertainment and culture.

Some Portland neighborhoods are changing as the real estate market has quickly recovered and now has reached to be a hot bed for both commercial and residential investment. As a result, some neighborhoods in Southeast and Northeast Portland that are closer to the city center are attracting lots of redevelopment therefore increasing housing prices in those areas. The growing popularity of Portland, Oregon for millennials has also increased the demand for rental market since 2010 as of 2015 and is not slowing down as of the moment. People who are looking to purchase a home in Portland consider a variety of factors tailored to their lifestyle and future plan including the investment aspect of the property they purchase. It is interesting to pay attention to where the market is going and how things are changing.

List of Official Portland Neighborhoods

Check out below lists of neighborhoods in detail categorized by each quadrant of Portland and learn more about each neighborhood and see homes for sale.

Northwest Portland Southwest Portland Northeast Portland
 Forest Park  South Portland  Irvington
 Nob Hill  Homestead  Alameda
 Northwest District  Southwest Hills / Portland Heights  Eliot
 Pearl District  Bridlemile  Boise
 Downtown Portland  Healy Heights  Humboldt
 Hillside / Kings Heights  Hillsdale  Beaumont-Wilshire
 Arlington Heights  Collins View  Hollywood
 Northwest Heights  Hayhurst  Sabin
 Sylvan Highlands  Multnomah  Concordia
 Goose Hollow  South Burlingame  King
 Linnton  Maplewood  Grant Park
 Ashcreek  Lloyd
 Markham  Vernon
 Marshall Park  Rose City Park
 West Portland Park  Woodlawn
 Arnold Creek  Roseway
 Far Southwest  Sullivan’s Gulch
 Madison South
Southeast Portland North Portland East Portland
 Eastmoreland  University Park  Pleasant Valley
 Richmond  Overlook  Lents
 Kerns  Arbor Lodge  Woodland Park
 Buckman  Piedmont  Parkrose
 Laurelhurst  Kenton  Argay
 Hosford Abernathy  St. Johns  Powellhurst Gilbert
 Sunnyside  Cathedral Park  Wilkes
 Sellwood-Moreland  Portsmouth  Parkrose Heights
 Brooklyn  Bridgeton  Centennial
 Creston-Kenilworth  East Columbia  Russell
 Mt. Tabor  Hayden Island  Glenfair
 North Tabor  Mill Park
 South Tabor  Hazelwood
 Mount Scott-Arleta
 Brentwood / Darlington

Which Portland neighborhood should you live in?

Portland, ORPortland is a very diverse city offering various lifestyles.  Check out this article on which Portland neighborhood you should live in.  Whether you are an urbanite who prefer a fast paced city life or you’d rather live in a two acre farm in a rural setting, Portland has it.  Yes, I’m still talking about the City of Portland.  Portland also has places for you if you are into living in a forest or in a floating house on Columbia or Willamette River.  The article in the link above talks about various neighborhoods you should live in depending on five categories.  Within those categories, it also lists different neighborhoods based on your taste and preference in life.  The categories are below.

  1. Urbanites who prefer city life
  2. Urbanites who like laid back residential lifestyle
  3. Suburbanites who prefer quiet and peaceful lifestyle
  4. River folks who like yachting, fishing or living in a floating home
  5. Rural folks who happen to live in the City of Portland

East Side vs. West Side

Portland East Side vs. West SideMoving to the east side vs. the west side of Portland is a common decision many Portlanders make.  The east side and the west side of Portland are so different and offer different lifestyles and housing options.  Regardless of age levels, some prefer the east side over the west side and vice versa.  Generally speaking, the east side is more urban, offering a lot of entertainment and city life on predicably laid out streets.  The west side is more peaceful and family-friendly with great school districts.  There is also a consideration for older housing communities vs. new communities.  How do you know which side of the town you will be happier living in?  What kind of housing options are there if you are a home buyer?  Read this article to get an in-depth insight on the east side versus the west side neighborhoods.

Portland Oregon Public School Districts Map

School districts can be somewhat confusing as the city of Portland has seven different school districts including Portland, Riverdale, Parkrose, David Douglas, Centennial, Reynolds, and Scappoose School District according to the map above.  Each school district has many different schools a resident will be assigned to depending on the home address.  It is important for parents to research about school districts and assigned schools before purchasing a home to make sure the school choice is acceptable for their children.

You can search which schools your children will be attending by entering in your address.  Additionally, you can find out statistics and performance ratings for each public school and private school in the Portland metropolitan area including Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas County

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