Roseway Neighborhood, Portland, OR

Roseway is a neighborhood in Northeast Portland bordering Cully to the northwest, Sumner to the northeast, Madison South to the southeast, and Rose City Park to the west. Roseway’s boundaries are NE Prescott St on the north, NE 82nd Ave to the east, and NE Sacramento St along northern border of Rose City Golf Course to the south. Its western border includes NE 62nd Ave, and NE 65th Ave. Major streets that run through the neighborhood include NE Sandy Blvd, NE Fremont St, and NE Prescott St. There are two parks in Roseway including Welling Park and Glenhaven Park. Glenhaven is the large of the two including a skatepark, playground, fields for soccer, baseball and softball, tennis courts, disabled-access play area, restrooms, picnic tables and a wading pool. There are three public schools located within or adjacent to the Roseway neighborhood. These schools are Scott (K-8), Roseway Heights (K-8), and Madison High (8-12). The Gregory Heights branch of the Multnomah County Library is at NE 79th and Sandy.

Roseway is a nice quiet and historic residential neighborhood. Not too many Portland residents are aware of its existence due to it being a residential neighborhood along 82nd Ave. Residents of Roseway describe this neighborhood as a hidden gem that is safe but also provides benefits of having shops and restaurants on Fremont St and Sandy Blvd. Roseway neighborhood residents enjoys its local theatre Roseway Theatre, an old fashioned movie theatre. Roseway neighborhood has a strong presence of community and active neighborhood association, which organizes various events for families in the neighborhood to improve the area. Public transportation is easily accessible from this neighborhood as well.

Neighborhood Data for Roseway, Portland, OR

Walkability Score  72 Minutes by Car to Downtown Portland 12 min
Population  6,390 Population Density (per sq. mi.)  7,761
Median Age 38 Home Ownership % 70%
Parks (% of Neighborhood)  3% % of Homes within 1/2 Mile of Parks 69%
Average Commute Time 26 min % Commuters by Public Transit 12%
% of Commuters by Bike 12% % of Commuters by Walking 4%
Number of Transit Lines  0 Number of Bus Lines 3

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