Cathedral Park Neighborhood, Portland, OR

Cathedral Park is a small neighborhood in North Portland that connects from North Portland to Northwest Portland and vice versa. The neighborhood is bordered by St. Johns to its north and east and University Park to its southeast. Cathedral Park is located along the Willamette River and is where St. Johns Bridge is located, which provides an excellent park area at Cathedral Park located underneath the bridge where you can enjoy the view of the bridge, its park trail, and water activities. Cathedral Park neighborhood goes from the river to N Ivanhoe St, where most businesses are located between Ivanhoe and N Lombard St. Lumbard St. is technically in St. Johns but the shops and restaurants are pretty much shared by residents from both neighborhoods. The northern and southern boundaries of the neighborhood are railroad tracks. The railroad on the southern boundary connects to a railroad bridge into Linnton neighborhood.

Cathedral Park neighborhood was originally part of the original City of St. Johns prior to annexation by Portland in 1915. The neighborhood was named, of course, after its landmark Cathedral Park featuring the St. Johns Bridge. Near the park, there is a popular eatery called Cathedral Park Restaurant next to another popular brewery called Occidental Brewing Company. Residents of Cathedral Park also enjoys all the nearby restaurants on N Lombard St. which is only a block away from the neighborhood. Some popular eateries include Proper Eats, Tienda Santa Cruz, Leisure Public House and John Street Cafe.

Cathedral Park is an affordable yet livable neighborhood in North Portland. In recent years of Portland real estate surge, housing prices are increasing in the neighborhood. The neighborhood provides easy access to NW Portland and to Downtown Portland through Highway 30 and a plenty of green space at Forest Park or at Cathedral Park if you just want to stick around locally.

Neighborhood Data for Cathedral Park, Portland, OR

Walkability Score  38 Minutes by Car to Downtown Portland 18 min
Population  3,298 Population Density (per sq. mi.) 7,803
Median Age 36 Home Ownership % 59%
Parks (% of Neighborhood)  3% % of Homes within 1/2 Mile of Parks 100%
Average Commute Time  31 min % Commuters by Public Transit 9%
% of Commuters by Bike 3% % of Commuters by Walking 4%
Number of Transit Lines  0 Number of Bus Lines 4

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