Hillside & Kings Heights Neighborhood, Portland, OR

Hillside neighborhood in Portland is a fine neighborhood hidden in the West Hill mountain side overlooking downtown Portland and beyond. Hillside and Kings Heights area are sometimes referred to as the “Beverly Hills” of Portland because of its upscale residences located on a hill with lots of narrow and windy roads down the mountain and are only within minutes to the city once you come down the hill. Moreover, you get a glorious view of the city from West Hill. Driving around, however, can be challenging so if you plan on driving around the neighborhood, make sure you have a GPS and good brake pads. Many Beaverton and Hillsboro residents sometimes take the local Burnside road to downtown Portland when there is too much traffic on Highway 26. This drive is not very fun during a rainy reason at night. If you accidentally venture out to where north from the road, you will likely get lost and end up in some very narrow and windy roads. Hillside neighborhood is basically north of W Burnside Rd during this drive.

Kings Heights is the northeast part of Hillside neighborhood.  The reason why it has a distinct name is due to the fact that the area used to be owned by Amos Nahum King around 1850. The king purchased about 513 acres and it included Hillside, Northwest District, Nob Hill, Arlington Heights, and Goose Hollow.  The area on the hillside of West Hill soon became known as Kings Heights.  Kings Heights is considered a sub-neighborhood of Hillside.  You will find a variety of architectures in this area including English Tudor, Victorian, Colonial, and Mid-century Modern.

One of the unique facts about Hillside is the presence of beautiful Pittock Mansion and Pittock Acres Park, once home to Portland pioneers Henry and Georgiana Pittock who became the owner of Weekly Oregonian in 1860. The park is next to Maccleay Park and is part of the Forest Park system that connects to Washington Park.

Living in Hillside is a fine way to live and experience Portland due to its style, view, close proximity to the city, and being surrounded by nature. It’s similar to living in Forest Park except your commute time to the city will be much shorter.

Neighborhood Data for Hillside, Portland, OR

Walkability Score 21 Minutes by Car to Downtown Portland 8 min
Population 2,253 Population Density (per sq. mi.) 4,441
Median Age 44 Home Ownership % 77%
Parks (% of Neighborhood) 28% % of Homes within 1/2 Mile of Parks 100%
Average Commute Time 24 min % Commuters by Public Transit 10%
% of Commuters by Bike 5% % of Commuters by Walking 5%
Number of Transit Lines 0 Number of Bus Lines 2

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