Kerns Neighborhood, Portland, OR

Kerns is a neighborhood in between Northeast and Southeast Portland bordering the Lloyd District and Sullivan’s Gulch on the north, Laurelhurst on the east, Buckman and Sunnyside on the south and the Willamette River on the west. Kerns is an inner SE Portland neighborhood that abuts the river and right across the river from Kerns is Old Town Chinatown. N Steel Bridge and E Burnside Bridge are two bridges that are connected to Kerns. Kerns neighborhood is located between E Burnside St. and I-84 from south to north. Most of Kerns is technically Northeast Portland because it is north of E Burnside St although some parts of the neighborhood in the eastern portion protrudes down south of E Burnside St all the way to SE Stark St. The neighborhood is between the river and NE 32nd Ave from west to east.

Due to its location that is a bridge away from Downtown Portland along with other urban districts along the river, Kerns is also an urban neighborhood with a heavy mix of commercial and residential buildings. Some residential buildings you see in Kerns are multi-family units and multiplexes that have older architectural charms such as large craftsman style bungalows surrounded by commercial buildings on bigger streets.

Kerns is home to some of the most popular bars and restaurants including Screen Door, Voodoo Doughnut Too, Pambiche Cuban Restaurant and Migration Brewing. Kerns neighborhood shares E Burnside St with Buckman and Burnside in this district has some very popular restaurants on the Buckman side as well including Le Pigeon, Sizzle Pie, and Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings. Residents also enjoy having Whole Foods Market in the neighborhood and Laurelhurst Theater that has this flashy lit Art Deco design in the front. Laurelhurst Theater is not located in Laurelhurst neighborhood and it’s actually in Kerns. The theater shows second run films and serves food, beer and really good popcorn.

Kerns has two parks: Oregon Park and Buckman Field Park, which is adjoining Benson Polytechnic High School, a technical public high school in the Portland Public Schools District. These green spaces provide playtimes and gathering opportunities for its urban neighbors in Kerns.

Neighborhood Data for Kerns, Portland, OR

Walkability Score  74 Minutes by Car to Downtown Portland 9 min
Population  5,685 Population Density (per sq. mi.) 8,921
Median Age 33 Home Ownership % 26%
Parks (% of Neighborhood)  2% % of Homes within 1/2 Mile of Parks 100%
Average Commute Time 24 min % Commuters by Public Transit 22%
% of Commuters by Bike 17% % of Commuters by Walking 10%
Number of Transit Lines  2 Number of Bus Lines 11

Data from PDX Monthly

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