Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood, Portland, OR

Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, ORSellwood-Moreland is a neighborhood in Southeast Portland by the Willamette River with lots of green space, river access and a small-town feel. The neighborhood is bordered by Brooklyn to the north, Eastmoreland to the east, and Milwaukie to the south. Half of its southern boundary is Waverly Country Club. The neighborhood is linked to Southwest Portland across the Willamette River by the Sellwood Bridge, the southernmost of Portland’s bridges.

Sellwood-Moreland has an amusement park named Oaks Amusement Park along the river offering wooden skating rink, mini-golf, wooden coaster rides, and picnic grounds. Along the river is the beautiful Sellwood Park and Sellwood Riverfront Park with lush green space with trees providing walking and biking trails along the beautiful river view. Another great feature is the 140 acre wetlands and woodlands in the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge where 185 bird species make their nests or stop off during migration. You will also find the oldest Oregon church building that is still being used, Oaks Pioneer Church since 1851.

Sellwood-Moreland has the Sellwood and Moreland neighborhoods. The Moreland neighborhood is divided into Eastmoreland and Westmoreland. Eastmoreland is a big neighborhood in and of itself east of Sellwood-Moreland. Westmoreland is a small area in the eastern portion of Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood east of SE Milkawukie Ave. There is a park in Westmoreland called Westmoreland City Park along SE McLoughlin Blvd. Sellwood is a very nice neighborhood with little shops and coffee shops and it feels like a small town. It is not trendy and hipster like Mississippi, Alberta Arts or Hawthorne but Sellwood feels a lot more comfortable and laid-back. Both Sellwood and Westmoreland have their own commercial districts. Overall, the neighborhood is family-friendly, walkable and livable with a strong sense of community pride.

Sellwood-Moreland has lots of older homes that are well-maintained. You will see architectural styles including Victorians, Old Portland, cottages and craftsman bungalows on well-maintained tree-lined streets. This neighborhood is very family-friendly as you will see lots of families and children walking on the street. With its close inner Portland location, beautiful riverfront park areas, charming homes, and locally owned shops and restaurants in a small town setting make Sellwood-Moreland a highly desirable neighborhood in Portland.

Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, OR Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, OR Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, ORSellwood-Moreland, Portland, OR Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, OR Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, OR

Neighborhood Data for Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, OR

Walkability Score  49 Minutes by Car to Downtown Portland 13 min
Population 11,492 Population Density (per sq. mi.) 7,227
Median Age 38 Home Ownership % 49%
Parks (% of Neighborhood)  18% % of Homes within 1/2 Mile of Parks 95%
Average Commute Time  27 min % Commuters by Public Transit 5%
% of Commuters by Bike 3% % of Commuters by Walking 1%
Number of Transit Lines 0 Number of Bus Lines 6

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