Which Portland neighborhood should you live in?

I am amazed by how different each Portland neighborhood can be in terms of lifestyles, architecture, natural surroundings, amenities, and much more.  As a real estate agent, I have met so many different people that prioritize and emphasize different aspects in life thereby seeking certain neighborhoods as their ideal place to live within the city.  Of course, many people also prefer to live outside of the City of Portland for various reasons.  Within the city, however, one can find a very diverse lifestyle ranging from a high rise downtown condo to a two-acre farm in the southeastern corner of Pleasant Valley neighborhood.  Other neighborhoods east of the river offer urban lifestyles with a very different feel ranging from modern, artsy, laid back, or fast-paced depending on which area you are in.  Southwest and Northwest Portland offer a quiet and peaceful suburban lifestyle that is family-friendly.  So what’s your ideal Portland neighborhood to live in?


Urbanites who prefer city life

Downtown / Pearl District ($$$$): Live in the center of it all.  You like living in a condo surrounded by all the exciting downtown amenities including restaurants, breweries, shopping, and everything a city downtown has to offer.  Your work also may be a couple of blocks away.

Goose Hollow / Nob Hill / Northwest District ($$$): Still in walking distance to Downtown Portland but slightly more laid back and more residential.  These neighborhoods have their own city charm and lots of amenities within the neighborhood.

Hillside / Kings Heights ($$$$):  You love the view of the city from the hill and the close proximity to Downtown while maintaining a private lifestyle in your nice single family residence.  You may also have children and prefer more space and great schools but you also love the exciting city life, which is just down the hill.

Lloyd District ($$$): You like living in a highrise condo in a highly commercial area and you also love sports.  Lloyd District is home of Moda Center and Veterans Memorial Coliseum in the Rose Quarter.

Buckman / Eliot ($$$):  You prefer the east side of the river, which is more hip and trendy.  You like living in a condo or townhouse and biking,  or walking to Downtown Portland is your daily commute across the bridge.  You might even work within the neighborhood.

South Waterfront ($$$):  You love the fancy highrise condos with the view of Willamette River.  You are also a professional, likely in the medical field.


Urbanites who like laid back residential lifestyle

Kerns / Hosford-Abernethy / Sunnyside / Richmond / Brooklyn / Boise / Humboldt / King / Vernon / Hollywood ($$$): You like living in a detached single family residence such as a bungalow house while still living in the heart of the city.  You like walking to all the best entertainment options in the east of the river and have an active social life.

Sellwood-Moreland / Overlook / University Park ($$$):  You like being close to the downtown but you like being slightly removed from the busy lifestyle and traffic.  You especially enjoy the beautiful view of Willamette River and all the waterfront parks.  Having all the cool amenities within the neighborhood is also a huge plus that you don’t need to go into the downtown or trendy spots on Hawthorne or Division but you certainly can on a quick ride.

Mt. Tabor / Laurelhurst / Woodstock / Creston-Kenilworth / Grant Park / Rose City Park / Sabin / Beaumont-Wilshire ($$$): You like quieter residential streets not filled with street parking.  You also like the quick access to entertainment while not being in the middle of it but perhaps being next to it.  Your priority is, however, to feel peaceful in the city by living on a nice quiet residential street with other nicer homes.

Eastmoreland / Irvington / Alameda ($$$$):  You like historical charm with a certain level of fanciness.  Every morning, you enjoy driving through your gorgeous tree-lined streets in your neighborhood.  You also like to wonder who lives in that mansion with those fancy Victorian front pillars.

St. Johns / Cathedral Park ($$): You are in love with the uniqueness of North Portland.  Plus you like more affordable homes while appreciating the older Portland architecture.  You like outdoors activities such as hiking in Forest Park or kayaking around natural areas in St. Johns.  You also love your little town area where it’s quickly becoming hip and trendy.

Montavilla / Roseway / Condordia / Cully / Parkrose / Foster-Powell / Lents / Brentwood-Darlington ($$): You are an investor of an up-and-coming neighborhood in Portland.  You like the inner city lifestyle in Portland at a more affordable price and you don’t mind traveling just a little to get to cool social places.  However, you love your neighborhood changing for the better and certain roughness in the neighborhood does not bother you.  You also love all the authentic cultural experiences on the 82nd Ave.


Suburbanites who prefer quiet and peaceful lifestyle

Sylvan Highlands / Southwest Hills / Bridlemile / Healy Heights ($$$$):  You prefer a quiet and upscale suburban neighborhood with backyards for children.  These neighborhoods also have excellent public schools and well-organized neighborhood associations.  It’s close to Downtown Portland but you can live in a clean and family-friendly suburban neighborhood.

Rest of the Southwest Portland neighborhoods ($$):  You prefer a quiet suburban lifestyle with an easy access to Downtown Portland.  You don’t like the east side of the river because they seem too busy and houses are old.  Southwest Portland is a very family-friendly area great for raising children.  Most of the neighborhoods are quiet, clean and suburban.  You will find big backyards and lots of ranch homes.

Forest Park / Linnton / Mt. Scott neighborhood in Pleasant Valley ($$): You prefer living in a forest with lots of trees and wildlife.  In these neighborhoods, you will be living in a forest with big trees.  You will have an amazing serenity and privacy.  For Pleasant Valley, look to the south of Foster Rd up the hill of Mt. Scott (Not Mt. Scott-Arleta).  North of Willamette National Cemetery is the Portland side of Mt. Scott and the south side is Happy Valley.


Water loving folks who like yachting, fishing or living in a floating home

Hayden Island / NE Marine Dr through Bridgeton to Wilkes / SW Macadam Ave in South Portland ($$):  Waterfront lifestyle is totally a subset of culture in Portland thanks to our beautiful Columbia River and Willamette River.  There are not only beautiful waterfront condos, and single family homes but lots of interesting floating homes.  Living on the waterfront allows you to own boat slips so you can park your boat or bigger vessels such as a yacht.  You will see a lot of yachts between spring and summer on Columbia River.


Rural folks who happen to live in the City of Portland

Southeast rural tip of Pleasant Valley ($$$):  Pleasant Valley is a huge neighborhood but look to the Southeast tip of the neighborhood between SE Foster Rd and SE Clatsop St east of SE 136th Ave.  There are lots of big farm lands with homes on rural acres.  It’s the gateway of rural Happy Valley and Damascus where you see big green acres with horses and cows.



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