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I provide relocation real estate buyer’s agent services to people moving to the Portland, Oregon metro area looking for a home to buy.  Moving to another state is a huge ordeal especially when you are buying a home before moving.  While some people choose to rent for a year, many people are ready to buy a house in Oregon with a new job.  Home hunting is especially difficult if you are not here actively looking at homes to decide which home you want to buy while dealing with transitioning your new job.  So how can I as a realtor make your job easier?

If you hire me as a relocation agent, I will go out to all the homes you are interested in and take realistic and thorough videos of each home.  Some listings have videos but those videos aren’t very helpful as they are designed to showcase the house, and not to provide a real life tour.  Check out the video below.  It’s recently taken by me for another relocation client.  The video provides a very thorough and real picture of the entire home.  The video will cover living room, all the bedrooms and bathrooms, garage, outdoor space and pretty much every part of the house.  Eventually, you can narrow down to 2-3 homes and pick a day to fly to Portland, OR for viewing.

For some clients, it’s important they see and touch the real thing before buying.  I would be more than happy to schedule back to back home showings all day on days you visit.  I will bring water and snacks.

However you choose to shop your dream Portland home while away, it is a difficult process mostly because of today’s market being an extreme seller’s market.  So I make sure my clients do not lose out on their dream house to another competitive buyer by making sure they are ready to go prior to the critical time when an offer must be submitted.  Homes priced in the median range or lower go a lot faster than homes priced over $500K so depending on what you are looking for, you could be in for a serious battle and I will do my best to couch you and provide all the leg work.

Getting a mortgage can be another hurdle. You will need to make sure your lender is okay with providing a mortgage with a job switch in the new area for the home you will buying. Most lenders require at least a paystub from the new job before closing so this means the closing process can be delayed. You will have to make sure you find the right lender to make this happen before jumping into home shopping if you need a mortgage.

If you’re thinking about moving to the Portland metro area and buying a house, let me help you make that dream come true. I used to be a practicing attorney so using my legal experience, I can really provide a competent realtor service to my clients.

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